Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hello Fear!

As we welcome and embrace autumn, I reflect on the past three months (summer). All the grieving and worry is finally coming to a place where I can find peace in these emotions. My brother in law is in the spirit world. We continue to mourn and ache for him. Every day gets harder and harder. Tuesdays are especially hard. He passed on a Tuesday (April 12, 2011). My little brother reappeared. We are thankful that he is alive and well. But there is still much work to be done.

As I mentioned a hundred times, the fear sometimes is greater than the actual thing or situation that you think you are afraid of. Fear is tricky, devious, and sneaky. It can mask itself as love, lust, greed.. It can even live within a person that you may hold dear to your heart. Fear is paralyzing but also necessary. Sometimes you have to look fear in the face and say HELLO!! I know you are present but I will work to lessen the power you have over me. Today, I say hello to FEAR! I hope you feel inspired to do the same. Here is some morning inspiration.

With Courage,

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